Maintenance Software for Manufacturing: How To Manage Your Business the Easy Way With Manufacturing CMMS

With UpKeep, you have the ability to meet all of your production and safety goals, all while keeping your downtime costs to a minimum. 

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Reduction in technician time spent filing work orders and locating asset information


Return on Investment


Savings from avoided production downtime

Source: Study conducted through a third party through Forrester. Download the full report here.

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For most companies, the idea of moving from reactive to preventative maintenance is out of the question, even before the discussion starts. But there's good news for those who choose to take on the challenge. With UpKeep’s maintenance software for manufacturing, it's not an impossible feat.

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8 Ways To Improve Production Efficiency at your Manufacturing Plant With Manufacturing CMMS

No matter how large or small your manufacturing plant, the efficiency and productivity of your capital investment are the keys to maintaining your competitive edge. As you implement these methods and track your progress through maintenance software for manufacturing, your facility should start seeing increased production efficiency, including increased equipment uptime and decreased defects.

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FMLY Pinpoints the Root Cause of a Problem

"After the first year, FMLY has been able to deliver amazing results to its property management client, helping to provide data-driven counsel and substantial cost savings in the maintenance of the client’s restaurants, bars and hotels."

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Discover the Importance of Gym Equipment Maintenance Software for Gym Management

By creating a digital ecosystem for your business with UpKeep’s gym equipment maintenance software, you can manage, communicate, and oversee all gym maintenance tasks and functions. Your gym will thrive with the benefits our software provides. 

The benefits of digitizing your gym equipment maintenance software are:

  • Cohesive maintenance team communication

  • No more stacks of gym equipment paperwork

  • Increased safety

  • Increased schedule and work order organization

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Extended gym equipment lifespan 

  • Reduced machine downtime 

  • Efficiently managed work orders

With UpKeep’s gym equipment maintenance software, you can manage and update:

  • Preventative maintenance schedules: Avoid accidents, equipment downtime, negative outcomes from surprise inspections, and more by creating and enforcing maintenance schedules.

  • Recurring maintenance tasks: Create checklists to ensure your gym is clean and safe for your clients. You can also easily modify maintenance checklists to reflect business needs.

  • Equipment replacement and repair: Delegate replacement and repair tasks efficiently to ensure quick resolutions.

  • Maintenance and equipment assets: Track your inventory and parts to see what you have and make notes on what needs to be ordered.

  • Prioritization of repairs: Easily determine what machines take priority based on use, cost, or repair downtime.

  • Ideal maintenance intervals: Find out the best times for your crew to conduct maintenance tasks and repairs.

  • Relevant maintenance documents: Eliminate paperwork and keep your documents in one place to keep your staff well-knowledgeable about equipment maintenance needs. Provide easy access to safety and maintenance manuals and documents with UpKeep’s gym equipment maintenance software.


One Centralized Command Center for Maintenance and Reliability Teams

Maintenance for manufacturing shouldn’t mean guesswork and paperwork. UpKeep’s manufacturing CMMS makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.

Asset Management

CMMS, Maintenance Managament, and Work Order Software

UpKeep is consistently rated the best inventory management maintenance software for manufacturing in value for money, ease of use, functionality, and customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other manufacturing CMMS and Maintenance Software vendor.

  • Reduce your equipment and asset downtime
by up to 26%

  • Extend your asset and equipment lifetime
by up to 11%

  • Achieve up to 652% ROI
by integrating UpKeep’s manufacturing CMMS into your workflow

  • Improve overall facility condition 
with the integration of UpKeep’s maintenance software for manufacturing


Incomparable Training, Implementation, and Support To Ensure Your Success

From expedient account setup, secure data migration, and professional online team training to 24/7 customer support, we’ve got you covered every step of the way as you implement our manufacturing CMMS. 

The Upkeep Customer Success Team works like an extension of your team, helping customers hit their maintenance goals by providing useful resources, reliable support, and a personalized plan to help you grow with UpKeep.

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Mobile Features

Mobile Features for Manufacturing

Capture and Share Work Orders From Anywhere

Technicians can easily track insights on asset runtime and use on their smartphones. 

Incorporate meter readings into regular preventive maintenance on assets to maximize lifespan and ROI.

Paired with UpKeep Edge, IoT sensor meter readings are automatically recorded in UpKeep’s CMMS. If a reading falls before a threshold, UpKeep can automatically fire out a work order and notify the right technician to take immediate action.

Incomparable Training, Implementation, and Support To Ensure Your Success

Help Center


Manufacturing CMMS Help Center

Keeping everything up and running is an enormous task, save yourself time and money by automating the whole process with UpKeep’s maintenance software for manufacturing.

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Customer Support


Customer Support

Keeping everything up and running is an enormous task. Save yourself time and money by automating the entire process with our maintenance software for manufacturing.

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Asset Operations - We wrote the book!


We Wrote the Book on Assets Operations

UpKeep brought maintenance, reliability, and operations teams together in a new approach called Asset Operations Management. Now, we’ve written the book! We’re thrilled to announce the publication of Asset Operations: The Future of Maintenance, Reliability, and Operations.

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Gym Equipment Maintenance Software: FAQs

Yes. UpKeep’s gym equipment maintenance software can help manage equipment warranty coverage by:

- Tracking repairs that are covered under the warranty to submit warranty claims
- Keep all equipment warranty information organized in one place
- Providing easy access to equipment serial numbers
- Ensuring routine maintenance to avoid circumstances that might void equipment warranties

UpKeep’s gym equipment management systems can help you:

- Organize and track inventory and asset needs
- Create specific work orders for relevant vendors
- Provide equipment manuals and repair history to third-party technicians
- Streamline communication with vendors like technicians, equipment and part suppliers, and other maintenance solution providers.

Ditch the paperwork, the cluttered files of equipment information, and the clogged email inbox and streamline your maintenance operations with UpKeep’s gym equipment maintenance software.

The pricing for UpKeep software may vary depending on your operational needs. Try a 14-day free trial to see which package best suits your needs. 

We offer four different plans and pricing options which are:

- Lite: $20/month per user

      • - Basic work order management
      • - Unlimited work orders
      • - Recurring work orders
      • - Unlimited requester

- Starter: $45/month per user

      • - For just starting out
      • - Inventory management
      • - Preventative maintenance scheduling
      • - Monthly analytics and reporting

- Professional: $75/month per user

      • - For all of your business needs
      • - Advanced analytics and reporting
      • - Request portal 
      • - Signature capture

- Business Plus: Pricing request for more information

      • - Most popular option
      • - Workflow automation
      • - Reliability tracking
      • - Purchase order management
      • - API access
      • - Multi-site module
      • - Customizable dashboards

Yes! UpKeep’s CMMS software integrates many other CMMS systems. Check out our Integration App Marketplace to learn about all available integrations.

Time is money, and with UpKeep’s CMMS software you can save both by:

- Assuring that all equipment is properly maintained and functioning to reduce accident liability.
- Ensuring that routine preventative maintenance is being performed to reduce equipment breakdown.
- Extend the lifespan of your gym equipment by creating routine maintenance and cleaning schedules.
- Modify checklists and maintenance schedules to reflect which business needs take top priority.
- Avoid ordering parts and assets you already have by tracking your asset inventory.
- Providing detailed records of repairs and equipment to make educated decisions when making financial moves.


"I have been using UpKeep for several years now and have found it to be a game-changer for our maintenance operations. What I appreciate most about UpKeep is their customer support team."

Michael W.




Leading the Way to a Better Future for Maintenance and Reliability

Your asset and equipment data doesn't belong in a silo. UpKeep makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.

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