What are the best certifications for maintenance supervisors?

The best certifications for maintenance supervisors focus on both technical and managerial aspects of the job. Among these are the CMRP, CPM, and CPMM.

CMRP Certification

The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional program offered by the SMRP is one of the more well known maintenance certifications. It tests knowledge in five areas:

  • Business and management
  • Equipment reliability
  • Manufacturing process reliability
  • Organization and leadership
  • Work management

To qualify, you’ll need to pass an exam measuring your aptitude in those five areas.

CMP Certification

IMI’s Certified Maintenance Professional designation is designed for maintenance supervisors with extensive experience in maintenance work, including in supervisory roles. To qualify for this program, you’ll need to meet one of the following sets of prerequisites:

  • Obtaining their CMT (Certified Maintenance Technician) III certification
  • High school diploma or GED and seven years industry experience, including two years as a supervisor
  • Technical school diploma plus five years experience, including two as a supervisor

To get this certification, you’ll need to pass an exam with a 70% score or higher. The exam tests your knowledge in numerous areas, including:

  • Industrial safety
  • Computers
  • The supervisor’s role
  • Spoken and written communication
  • Improving performance
  • Work authorization

CPMM Certification

Another certification that’s a bit more industry-specific is the Certified Plant Maintenance Manager designation by the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE). To qualify for the CPMM certification exam, you’ll need either:

  • Two years of experience in some supervisory role in a plant or facility, or...
  • Three years of experience in the industry overall

The exam tests a wide range of topics, including:

This gives you very well-rounded and highly modern verification that you have what it takes to excel in a supervisory role.

Choosing the right certification for you

To pick the best one for you, take a look through the requirements and knowledge areas. Pick the one that sounds like it will help you most, and get started preparing for it. Good luck!

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