S1: E10 Illuminating Maintenance Strategies with Sanya Mathura

In this episode, UpKeep Ambassador Sanya Mathura shares her vast expertise on lubrication strategies, reliability solutions, and the pivotal role of a meticulously crafted maintenance plan.


Welcome back to the UpKeep Pledge Pros podcast! Join us for an enlightening conversation with ambassador Sanya Mathura, a luminary in lubrication and reliability optimization. In this episode, Sanya shares her vast expertise on lubrication strategies, reliability solutions, and the pivotal role of a meticulously crafted maintenance plan.

Sanya's transition from electrical engineering to becoming a prominent figure in lubrication and reliability is both captivating and instructive. As the Managing Director of Strategic Reliability Solutions, she offers a distinctive perspective, underscoring the indispensable connection between lubrication excellence and overall equipment reliability.

Throughout the discussion, Sanya and host Brian delve into the nuances of lubrication practices, addressing common industry challenges such as improper storage, contamination, and the ramifications of micro-dieseling. Through real-world examples and actionable insights, they underscore the significance of implementing effective lubrication and maintenance strategies to extend equipment lifespan and minimize downtime.

Whether you're an experienced maintenance professional or new to the field, this episode provides invaluable insights into the realm of lubrication and reliability. Tune in to deepen your understanding of how strategic maintenance planning can drive operational excellence and safeguard the longevity of your assets.

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