Hotel Management Maintenance Software: Hospitality Management Without All of the Paperwork

UpKeep’s user-friendly software helps hotel management and staff keep track of day-to-day tasks – improving customer satisfaction scores, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering maintenance costs and available on any mobile device.

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Reduction in technician time spent filing work orders and locating asset information


Return on Investment


Savings from avoided production downtime

Source: Study conducted through a third party through Forrester. Download the full report here.

Optimize Work Orders to Create an Unparalleled Guest Experience

Unlimited free requesters for instant fixes

Never worry about phone calls that may not get follow-throughs. Eliminate the time spent attempting to contact technicians about work orders. UpKeep provides a request portal that streamlines the management process. Add an unlimited number of requesters to the system so that any team member can easily submit work orders to the technician team. Get real-time updates as these work orders are prioritized, tracked, and completed.

Seamless collaboration with updates and notifications

UpKeep provides an easy-to-use interface that provides your maintenance team with an intuitive platform to communicate with other hospitality team members across all departments. Our system allows work orders to be as transparent as possible. Track all maintenance request statuses and schedules so that team members can be notified instantaneously and plan accordingly.

A simple user interface everyone can adopt

This hotel maintenance software is designed for any team member to feel comfortable while using this maintenance management solution. Provide new team members and technicians with a maintenance work history complete with detailed instructions, manuals, and prior maintenance services. Even your least technology-savvy employee will have an easy time using this interface.

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Case Study
FMLY Pinpoints the Root Cause of a Problem

"After the first year, FMLY has been able to deliver amazing results to its property management client, helping to provide data-driven counsel and substantial cost savings in the maintenance of the client’s restaurants, bars and hotels."

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The Importance of Streamlining Your Hotel Management Systems with Hotel Work Order and Asset Software

UpKeep can allow you to constantly stay updated with a secure and easily accessible hotel CMMS. Provide your teams and technicians with hotel maintenance software that gives them agency, promotes efficiency, and grants access to clearer lines of communication.

With UpKeep, you can:

  • Ensure guest satisfaction: Provide an exemplary guest experience by tracking work orders and requests at any time. Coordinate and manage your teams at a break-neck pace to create an environment that meets all guest needs and quality standards.

  • Manage all assets: Keep tabs on inventory, equipment, and staff to maintain all property assets like rooms, furniture, and amenities to their fullest extent.

  • Access quality cost Control: Track asset downtime and labor costs to find out how to prioritize maintenance tasks. Manage inventory so that supplies and tools are ordered only when needed to avoid excessive ordering. 

  • Maintain compliance and safety: Track maintenance tasks, asset manuals, and labor history to ensure all team members are planning and executing tasks with all the knowledge necessary to maintain staff and asset safety.

  • Promote sustainability: Track maintenance practices and equipment downtime to reduce energy and waste consumption.

  • Improve workforce Efficiency: Stay updated on maintenance tasks and completion times. Improve workforce management by tracking employee performance and productivity. Allow team members to easily communicate with one another on a platform that allows them to prioritize and update work orders and maintenance tasks.

  • Make management decisions with data in mind: Provide all team members the ability to make decisions that are clear, communicable, and data-driven. Share progress reports and valuable analytics with higher management to acknowledge any areas that might need improving. 

Ensure Team Cohesion With an Easily Accessible Mobile Tool

Communication is necessary for operational cohesion. Keep your maintenance management consistent and flawless by allowing your team easy access to beneficial information and communication platforms.

But software only provides the best platforms if your crew and technicians can use it. UpKeep allows even your least tech-savvy team member to easily use its software by providing a user-friendly interface.

Mobile Features
Mobile Features

Manage Assets From Anywhere at Anytime From Any Mobile Device

  • Allow public utilities technicians to easily access preventive maintenance checklists and manuals from anywhere at any time.

  • All necessary energy and utilities asset information is secure and can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

  • Technicians can reference the records of previous utilities repairs to make knowledgeable decisions.

  • Use UpKeep Analytics to track equipment downtime for cost and energy efficiency.

Healthcare CMMS, Maintenance, and Work Order Software

UpKeep is consistently rated the best healthcare maintenance management software in value for patient outcomes. Ease-of-use, functionality, and excellent customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more five-star reviews than any other healthcare CMMS and maintenance software vendor. 

  • Reduce asset and downtime by up to 26%

  • Extend your asset and equipment lifetime up to 11%

  • Achieve up to 652% ROI by integrating UpKeep into your workflow

  • Improve overall facility condition with the integration of UpKeep

Asset Management
Automated Workflows

Visualized Reports to Help Management Make Data-Driven Decisions

Optimize your hospitality technician team with access to clear data visualizations and reports. 

UpKeep Analytics allows you the ability to stay updated on work order completion time so that you can find out when and where improvements need to be made. 

You can also gain insight into labor trends month over month to help prepare for future team needs. Share asset reports with upper management, provide and acknowledge data on asset performance, and more with UpKeep’s premier hotel maintenance management software.

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Hotel Management Maintenance Software: FAQs

UpKeep’s hotel maintenance software is designed to help your technician team (the technicians, supervisors, and directors)

With our hotel maintenance management app, you can track:

- Work order and request management
- Preventative maintenance schedules
- Asset management
- Inventory management
- Maintenance reporting and analytics
- Mobile access to tasks, data, communication, and more

UpKeep’s software is one of the most customizable computer management systems available. 

We supply CMMS apps for a variety of industries, all with different needs. We designed our system to be flexible and customizable enough to fit any specific demand. 

We provide customizable options for:

- Maintenance checklists
- Software interface
- And more

At UpKeep, data security is one of our top priorities. That’s why we designed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that secures data with high-level security controls applied to all company data. 

We secure data by:

- Creating secure execution spaces
- Encrypting all data
- Limiting access to data by granting various levels of authorization
- Authenticating all sensor data
- Undergoing routine audits and testing

Our cyber security teams are constantly improving the way UpKeep’s maintenance management systems store and protect your data. Learn more about how we prioritize security in our operating systems with our privacy policy.

UpKeep has designed hotel maintenance software that can allow even your least tech-savvy staff members to feel at ease with our product. 

Your managers, technicians, supervisors, and anyone who uses this software will find that our software’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface makes handling work orders and managing equipment a breeze. 

UpKeep also provides extensive training and guidance to help set you and your employees up for success.

We supply all users with training materials that include:

  • Webinars
  • Tutorials
  • How-to manuals

Upkeep offers 24/7 so users can reach out for assistance at any time. Contact our support team for all of your hotel maintenance app needs. 

UpKeep also provides set-up assistance from one of our dedicated customer success managers. This personalized support allows you to ease into the transition while accessing all of the CMMS benefits. 

The pricing for UpKeep software may vary depending on your operational needs. Try a 14-day free trial to see which package best suits your needs. 

We offer four different plans and pricing options which are:

  • Lite: $20/month per user
      • Basic work order management
      • Unlimited work orders
      • Recurring work orders
      • Unlimited requester
  • Starter: $45/month per user
      • For just starting out
      • Inventory management
      • Preventative maintenance scheduling
      • Monthly analytics and reporting
  • Professional: $75/month per user
      • For all of your business needs
      • Advanced analytics and reporting
      • Request portal 
      • Signature capture
  • Business Plus: Pricing request for more information
      • Most popular option
      • Workflow automation
      • Reliability tracking
      • Purchase order management
      • API access
      • Multi-site module
      • Customizable dashboards

"I have been using UpKeep for several years now and have found it to be a game-changer for our maintenance operations. What I appreciate most about UpKeep is their customer support team."

Michael W.




Leading the Way to a Better Future for Maintenance and Reliability

Your asset and equipment data doesn't belong in a silo. UpKeep makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.

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