Healthcare Maintenance Software: Optimize Operations and Management for Better Patient Outcomes

Leading healthcare operations and facilities teams use UpKeep to keep facilities and equipment operating reliably, avoid any downtime or failure, and maintain positive patient outcomes. Strategic Asset Operations with UpKeep are essential to identify the most effective preventative maintenance tasks to keep Healthcare systems operating optimally.

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Reduction in technician time spent filing work orders and locating asset information


Return on Investment


Savings from avoided production downtime

Source: Study conducted through a third party through Forrester. Download the full report here.

Overcome Unique Healthcare Challenges With Upkeep’s Healthcare Maintenance Software

Be Prepared for Inspections and Compliance

Have all information relevant to the maintenance and compliance in one accessible place with healthcare CMMS. Ensure that all of your hospital equipment is functioning properly with real-time reports and updates. Decrease downtime by sharing maintenance history with vendor technicians. You can have all of your audits and records on hand for inspection. 

Manage More With Limited Resources and Distributed Teams

Keep track of available equipment to prioritize repairs based on patient needs. Healthcare maintenance software also provides easy cross-platform collaboration to central information and increases maintenance response times.

Gain a Clearer Comprehension of Operations and Turn Insights into Actions

Track data with a real-time, holistic view of facilities, equipment, inventory, activities, and vendors. Use this data to plan repairs and preventative maintenance when the time is most beneficial. Secure the best patient incomes by making data-driven decisions using healthcare CMMS.

The Importance of Optimizing Healthcare Maintenance With Healthcare Maintenance Software

To ensure optimal patient outcomes, healthcare facilities need to stay on top of every little function, especially when it comes to medical equipment. It can be difficult to stay organized and prepared when there are so many different devices and equipment. 

When machines need repairs, resources become limited. Limited resources lead to delays. Time is vital when it comes to patient outcomes. Optimizing your healthcare maintenance with healthcare maintenance software can help your healthcare facility deliver patient care promptly. 

You can optimize your healthcare maintenance operations with healthcare CMMS by:

  • Maintaining efficient maintenance management: Healthcare facilities need equipment to be running appropriately. From medical devices to the HVAC system, every piece of equipment is vital to patient recovery. Properly scheduling preventative maintenance and repairs ensures that your equipment is available to treat patients. 

  • Decreasing costs: Routine preventative maintenance will extend the lifespan of your equipment and decrease the need for repairs. Healthcare maintenance software also keeps track of equipment and asset inventory so you can avoid purchasing parts you already have.  

  • Reducing equipment downtime: Equipment issues can easily be solved when there is a log of previous repairs. Store and share equipment manuals and documentation with technicians and maintenance crew to make and schedule repairs. 

  • Improving patient outcomes: When your equipment is properly managed and running, you have as many resources as possible to provide the best patient care. Limited resources have the potential to delay patient care. When operations are running smoothly, you don’t have to put patient needs on the back burner to delegate or limit resources. 

  • Enhancing compliance adherence and standards: Ditch the paper scheduling and ensure that all of your machines are up to code by keeping all records in one easily accessible place. Avoid the chance of having out-code equipment with a service that allows easy scheduling and reminders.

  • Increasing asset lifetime management: Many healthcare equipment and other assets require constant monitoring and managing to ensure they are running optimally. With healthcare CMMS you can track the maintenance tasks and needs of many devices and equipment from one place. 

  • Streamlining operations by integrating other electronic record systems: Using healthcare maintenance software, you can combine communications with other vendors and management software to stay connected and organized. 

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Increase Efficiency By Actively Managing Downtime

Identify and prioritize the most effective maintenance tasks to keep facilities and equipment operating reliably. Avoid downtime or failure that could jeopardize patient care. With healthcare maintenance management software, you can easily stay on top of the best times to schedule repairs, current work orders, and routine maintenance needs.

Equipment Downtime

Ensure Team Cohesion With an Easily Accessible Mobile Tool

Communication is necessary for operational cohesion. Keep your maintenance management consistent and flawless by allowing your team easy access to beneficial information and communication platforms.

But software only provides the best platforms if your crew and technicians can use it. UpKeep allows even your least tech-savvy team member to easily use its software by providing a user-friendly interface.

Mobile Features

Healthcare CMMS, Maintenance, and Work Order Software

UpKeep is consistently rated the best healthcare maintenance management software in value for patient outcomes. Ease-of-use, functionality, and excellent customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more five-star reviews than any other healthcare CMMS and maintenance software vendor. 

  • Reduce asset and downtime by up to 26%

  • Extend your asset and equipment lifetime up to 11%

  • Achieve up to 652% ROI by integrating UpKeep into your workflow

  • Improve overall facility condition with the integration of UpKeep

Asset Management
Mobile Features

Manage Assets From Anywhere at Anytime From Any Mobile Device

  • Allow public utilities technicians to easily access preventive maintenance checklists and manuals from anywhere at any time.

  • All necessary energy and utilities asset information is secure and can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

  • Technicians can reference the records of previous utilities repairs to make knowledgeable decisions.

  • Use UpKeep Analytics to track equipment downtime for cost and energy efficiency.

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Healthcare Maintenance Software: FAQs

The pricing for UpKeep software may vary depending on your operational needs. Try a 14-day free trial to see which package best suits your needs. 

We offer four different plans and pricing options which are:

- Lite: $20/month per user

      • - Basic work order management
      • - Unlimited work orders
      • - Recurring work orders
      • - Unlimited requester

- Starter: $45/month per user

      • - For just starting out
      • - Inventory management
      • - Preventative maintenance scheduling
      • - Monthly analytics and reporting

- Professional: $75/month per user

      • - For all of your business needs
      • - Advanced analytics and reporting
      • - Request portal 
      • - Signature capture

- Business Plus: Pricing request for more information

    • - Most popular option
    • - Workflow automation
    • - Reliability tracking
    • - Purchase order management
    • - API Access
    • - Multi-site module
    • - Customizable dashboards

Yes, UpKeep aims to streamline your healthcare operation by providing all of the tools you need for equipment maintenance in one place — and that means integrating with other systems and software. You can check out other systems UpKeep’s healthcare CMMS links here.

UpKeep’s maintenance software can integrate with other systems like:

- Slack
- Google
- Windows
- Microsoft Office
- OneLogin
- Freshbooks
- And more

By streamlining your maintenance management operations with UpKeep, you can reduce downtime by:

  • - Efficiently submitting work orders.
  • - Receiving instant updates of repairs.
  • - Prioritizing which repairs take priority.
  • - Avoid breakdowns by scheduling preventative maintenance tasks.
  • - Identify trends to oversee the most beneficial maintenance schedules.

    Yes, UpKeep provides a system that easily organizes all equipment documentation. 

    Preserve your warranties by establishing routine preventative maintenance that helps you avoid damages or malfunctions that are not under warranty. You can easily access all necessary information like policy details and serial numbers of all of your facility’s equipment.

    Organizing is key for your operations to run as smoothly as possible. Limiting or integrating the amount of platforms you communicate with third-party vendors helps you maintain organization. 

    Healthcare CMMS like UpKeep, helps you manage maintenance vendors and technicians from one place. 

    UpKeeps healthcare maintenance software can help you: 

    • - Keep detailed records of repair 
    • - Track work order progress
    • - Manage and schedule maintenance 
    • - Communicate changes in maintenance needs
    • - Oversee vendor performance to make more informed decisions
    • - Integrate with accounting services to manage invoices and payments
    • - Quickly provide access to all of the information that will be needed to conduct repairs efficiently.

    "I have been using UpKeep for several years now and have found it to be a game-changer for our maintenance operations. What I appreciate most about UpKeep is their customer support team."

    Michael W.




    Leading the Way to a Better Future for Maintenance and Reliability

    Your asset and equipment data doesn't belong in a silo. UpKeep makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.

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