What types of maintenance does the government sponsor?

Government maintenance includes facilities management of government buildings, roadway repair and maintenance, and parks and public area upkeep. Maintenance professionals may be serving federal, state, or city officials with their management of maintenance-related tasks.

Tip: An effective CMMS goes a long way in helping government entities make smart, cost-effective decisions.

Facilities Management

All government buildings have the same needs as any other commercial facility. Building operations such as HVAC systems, computer and office equipment, and safety and emergency assets must be maintained. Janitorial, grounds management, and landscaping tasks need to be completed.

By using a CMMS, government officials can have a transparent view into the most critical maintenance tasks. A centralized system can assign automatic work orders, prioritize preventive maintenance tasks, and help keep maintenance technicians on task. This usually results in a decrease of expensive emergency maintenance repairs, saving taxpayer dollars.

Roadway Maintenance

Roadway Maintenance

According to Pothole Info, the government spends more than $68 billion per year maintaining roads and highways. Every level of government must deal with repairs, signage, safety issues, and new construction. Cities change and grow, commuting patterns change, and weather beats up the roadways season after season.

A maintenance system not only includes work orders for the actual road repairs, but also for related things like fleet management. Government vehicles and equipment must be maintained and repaired to help keep roadways clean and in good working order.

Park Maintenance

Parks and Public Areas

In the largest 100 U.S. cities alone, the government cares for more than 2 million acres of public parks. Managing all this public green space in addition to parks and recreation buildings and equipment is a significant task.

For example, park maintenance can include lawn care, arborist work, restroom maintenance, and playground equipment safety checks.

Taking care of parks and public areas involve scheduling, maintaining and repairing buildings, facilities, equipment and land. Doing so provides a safe and pleasant area for all to enjoy.

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