How to Find Maintenance Jobs

Tips for Find Maintenance Jobs 

Industrial maintenance worker positions are anticipated to grow about 7% over the next several years, which is about average. This rate of growth is due in part to the advancements in machinery technology and an overall increase in automation processes.

The average rate of growth means that, while there will always be demand for skilled maintenance professionals, people seeking those positions will still face competition. As such, it’s best to employ a wide range of tactics when looking for a maintenance job. Some of these tactics will be discussed below.

Search job boards

Mainstream job boards

Online job boards provide a wealth of opportunities. They can be a great place to start for anyone seeking a maintenance job.

  • Indeed affords users with millions of job postings from a variety of sources. Users can restrict searches by location, pay range, and experience level, and they can also upload a resume to attract employers.
  • ZipRecruiter allows job seekers to upload a resume and create a profile in order to be matched with employers. Their mobile app makes it easy to get notifications on new opportunities.
  • CareerBuilder works with employers to create job postings. They also partner with local newspapers to create listings from their classified ads, resulting in one of the largest job search databases around.
  • Glassdoor provides a database where maintenance job seekers can search for positions based on location, company, and salary. They also include reviews of specific companies from current and former employees.
  • LinkedIn is an online networking service where maintenance professionals can create an online profile and make connections with others in the industry. It’s one of the primary ways people connect with potential employers.

Whenever possible, job seekers should take the opportunity to create a profile and submit resumes on these sites. This is key since having an online profile can often increase the odds of landing a position.

Niche job boards

Job boards specific to maintenance employment help narrow the focus to Find Maintenance Jobs. A few of these niche boards include the following:

  • The SMRP job board gives maintenance professionals the opportunity to submit a resume to be reviewed by the many employers who visit their site.
  • FacilityAgent is a dedicated service where applicants can fill out an online profile, apply to maintenance jobs, and get matched with employers. Their algorithms have been finely tuned to create the best possible matches, making them a good way to find maintenance positions.
  • FacilitiesCrossing offers job listings pulled from many sources that aren’t available on most other job boards. It also provides one of the most detailed search functions available, with numerous options to narrow a search.


Contact hiring managers directly

While online job boards allow maintenance job seekers to sift through numerous opportunities, they also provide everyone else with that ability as well. As such, these sites see a great deal of traffic, and it can be difficult to stand out from such a massive flow.

A great way to overcome this is to contact hiring managers directly. LinkedIn provides one of the easiest ways to do this since individuals can send direct messages to employers. It’s fairly simple to send messages to connections, but it needs to be done well if it’s actually going to be read.

Following these steps can help:

  • Create a subject line that establishes a specific connection (such as a focus on maintenance and reliability).
  • Introduce yourself by name and include any relevant professional information.
  • Describe why you want to connect as briefly as possible. Perhaps you want to ask them questions. Maybe you want to know about their company. Make it relevant.
  • Thank them for their time and close. Keep it brief.

Attend industry conferences in order to Find Maintenance Jobs

Industry conferences are another great way to connect with potential employers. The advantage of these conferences is they allow face-to-face interaction while also providing current industry information to maintenance professionals. Some popular maintenance conferences include the following:

On top of the other methods, attending these conferences is important for those seeking employment as well as established professionals. They not only foster connections, but also add to a maintenance worker’s knowledge by providing current information on the maintenance industry.

The best approach

The best approach to landing a maintenance job is to use as many resources as possible. By tackling a job search through multiple angles, job seekers keep all possibilities open, making it more likely that they’ll secure employment.

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