What is a 2D Barcode?

Barcode scanner

What is a 2D Barcode?

A 2D barcode is a set of small geometric shapes organized within a square or rectangle to store information. Since they can store information in both the vertical and horizontal planes, they provide hundreds of times the amount of data than a 1D barcode can store. One 2D barcode can store more than 7,000 characters and may include information such as brand name, model number, maintenance records, and wealth of other details.

Types of 2D Barcodes

Three types of 2D barcodes are most common today. One 2D barcode can store more than 7,000 characters and may include information such as brand name, model number, maintenance records, and wealth of other details.

QR Codes

QR codes, also known as quick response codes, may be the most popular 2D barcode. Originally used in Japan to track automobile parts, the QR codes can be scanned by smartphones and link users directly to web sites. 

Data Matrix Codes

Data matrix codes must be read with imagers or readers that essentially take a picture of the code to analyze it. They are often used in industry applications. 

PDF417 codes

PDF417 codes contain a great deal of information securely and affordably by essentially stacking rows of codes within one another.

How 2D Barcodes are Used

Although you may be most familiar with QR codes that are found nearly everywhere in today’s world to encourage you to visit particular websites, many 2D codes are used within business and industry to help store and track information about assets.

These barcodes are faster to use and reduce errors significantly. If a person must manually enter codes, you may experience an error for every 1,000 keystrokes while 2D barcode scanners may make a mistake once every 10,000 scans.

2D Barcodes in Maintenance

Data can be easily transferred between a reader and a CMMS, providing an easy way to study particular assets, maintenance records, or repair requests. 2D barcodes can play a vital role in helping a company make smarter business decisions. In addition, 2D barcodes can store enough information for a remote employee, such as a maintenance technician, to access the data required to perform a particular maintenance task or repair quickly and efficiently.

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