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Delete spreadsheets. Toss the paper. Manage your organization's work orders, assets, and inventory with the #1 ranked maintenance management software. Try UpKeep's FREE maintenance software today!

Simplify your work order management

Create, assess, prioritize, and measure all of your maintenance work orders in one place. UpKeep is the easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that simplifies work order management. Schedule a demo to see it firsthand.

Easily assign and prioritize any work order

UpKeep's work order software allows you to easily assign reactive or preventive maintenance work requests to technicians. View every work order from a list or calendar format. Filter orders by assigned technician, asset, location, and priority level.

Pinpoint cracks and bottlenecks

With UpKeep’s work order management software, you can review trends around work order costs to lower maintenance spend, document time spent on a work order, optimize wrench time, understand breakdowns more clearly, and make quicker changes.

Identify maintenance needs across your organization

UpKeep’s preventive maintenance platform empowers your team to track and measure requests across all assets so you can quickly identify which equipment needs service and increase the efficiency of your maintenance operations.

Say goodbye to unplanned downtime with asset management software

UpKeep’s mobile asset management tool provides powerful insights to help you manage the full asset life cycle. Automate preventive maintenance tasks from your mobile device. Manage everything from asset downtime, depreciation, and costs.

Asset Management

Access asset information and history from anywhere

Available on mobile and desktop, UpKeep’s asset management platform allows technicians and managers to quickly pull up asset models, warranty, depreciation schedules, and more. Make smarter repair or replace decisions by having access to the right information at all times.

Seamless communication around your assets

Create new work orders based on incoming maintenance requests and quickly assign them to the right technician. Add unlimited requesters to your UpKeep account and create a company request portal for anyone to submit work requests. Requesters can track the status of their requests, and technicians can easily share updates with requesters.

Increase asset lifespan and boost ROI

Upkeep’s asset management platform is designed to ensure equipment reliability. Manufacturing customers have seen their equipment life spans increase by up to 11% with UpKeep’s work order software and asset management features. Moreover, studies show companies that invest in preventive maintenance see an average cost savings of 15%.

Never again run low on parts with inventory control software

Managing parts quantities and costs shouldn’t be impossible. UpKeep’s mobile inventory management software provides you with powerful insights to better control costs and ensure you have sufficient supply in stock. Oversee everything from parts consumption, purchasing, and more with the #1 asset and inventory management solution.

Parts & Inventory Management

Access consistent part information from anywhere

Create a unique barcode for any part in one click. Never guess a part type again. Technicians can easily pull up information on the part make, quantity, and user manuals from wherever they might be.

Reduce downtime with accurate parts quantities

Assign a minimum quantity value to every part and get notified when that value is reached, or when running low. You can easily reorder parts in advance to prevent thousands of dollars in downtime costs.

Connect your inventory consumption to reality

Inventory counts are automatically updated when they are added to work orders. Know exactly where and how many parts you have to avoid having too much stock on hand or expensive costs associated with overnighting parts.
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Should have used sooner

“I enjoy how easy the software is. I was utilizing the free version for over a year and wish I upgraded sooner. I am able to track maintenance issues much more efficiently to ascertain if a bigger problem may be the main issue. The accessibility on my smart device makes this software a vital tool in daily operations.”
Vina Robles Amphitheatre

Great Product. Great Service. Great Price.

“At a former employer we used a similar work order system that had half the features of UpKeep at twice the cost. I was amazed to discover how much we got for so little. The biggest pro is the functionality. All of our inventory, work orders, assets, schedules, and meters are all included in one app. The account setup is very flexible and affordable. Customer support responds instantly and resolves any issue that arises.”
Tenessee College

Easy to Set Up and Use

“Before Upkeep, we were on a paper system that was messy, unorganized, and inefficient. Now we’re able to utilize the request feature for our crews to submit work order requests with pictures indicating the issue that needs attention. This is then viewable by management, from origination to completion, and actually beyond in a way that allows us to learn from our service history what is working for us and what is not.”
C. Dale
K-Co Enterprises Inc.

3000+ Companies using assets ops management

Industry-Leading Validation

UpKeep is the only Asset Operations Management solution purpose-built to manage multi-location, day-to-day maintenance life cycles; optimize asset utilization; and gain insights into real-time performance data. Maintenance, reliability, and operations teams now have one easy-to-use tool to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

UpKeep Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for CMMS

UpKeep, the pioneer in Asset Operations Management, was recently positioned as a Leader in IDC’s 2021 MarketScape for CMMS.
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UpKeep Rated #1 Leader in Multiple Fall 2021 G2 Categories

We’re pleased to announce that UpKeep, the pioneer in Asset Operations Management, is positioned as a Leader in numerous G2 Fall 2021 categories!
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UpKeep Named in the Capterra Shortlist Report for CMMS Software

We're proud to announce that UpKeep has been named a top CMMS software product by Capterra, a free online service that helps organizations find the right software.
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Maintenance shouldn’t mean guesswork and paperwork. UpKeep makes is simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.

How can I get support for my free account?

Need help? Visit our support center, email us at info@onupkeep, send us a live chat message or call us at (323) 880-0280! You can also watch video tutorials on UpKeep, search our Asset Operations Resource Hub or take any of our

Do I have to put a credit card down for a free account?

No credit card or payment is required for a free account.

Where can I see pricing for additional UpKeep features?

If you’re interested in learning about additional features and associated pricing, visit our pricing page here: https://www.upkeep.com/pricing.

Can I transfer my old CMMS data into UpKeep?

Transferring data is straightforward in UpKeep. For step-by-step instructions, view How to Import your Data.

Does my free account expire?

No, the UpKeep account will never expire.

Can I get a demo or free trials before signing up for free?

Of course! There are several ways to learn about UpKeep. Schedule a demo, get started with a free trial today!

4,000+ Companies rely on asset operations management

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Your asset and equipment data doesn't belong in a silo. UpKeep makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.