Five Aspects of Work Management that Impact Maintenance and Reliability Practitioners

Duration: 60
Bryan Bieschke
Published on May 28, 2024

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Bryan Bieschke
Bryan Bieschke
Director of Maintenance and Reliability
J.D. Solomon
J.D. Solomon

Join us and our guest speaker and UpKeep ambassador, JD Solomon, for an enlightening webinar designed specifically for maintenance and reliability practitioners.

JD is the founder of JD Solomon Inc, creator of the FINESSE fishbone diagram, and co-creator of the Solomon-Oldach Asset Prioritization (SOAP) method. His maintenance and reliability expertise includes criticality assessments, optimization of preventative maintenance programs, reliability & risk assessments, renewal & replacement forecasting, and systems engineering. JD is the author of Communicating Reliability, Risk & Resiliency to Decision Makers: How to Get Your Boss’s Boss to Understand and Facilitating with FINESSE: A Guide to Successful Business Solutions.

 In this webinar, we delve into five crucial aspects of work management:

  1. Planning & Scheduling: Learn effective strategies for planning and scheduling maintenance tasks to optimize productivity and minimize downtime.

  2. Preventative Maintenance: Explore the importance of preventative maintenance and discover methods for implementing proactive maintenance strategies.

  3. Work Documentation: Understand the significance of thorough documentation in maintenance operations and gain insights into best practices for documentation.

  4. Maintaining Asset Inventory and Drawings: Discover the importance of accurate asset inventory management and learn techniques for maintaining comprehensive asset drawings.

  5. Trend Analysis and PM Optimization: Dive into the realm of trend analysis and explore how it can be leveraged to optimize preventative maintenance activities for enhanced efficiency.

Throughout the webinar, we will provide practical implementation tips and share real-life case examples to illustrate each topic. Geared towards an intermediate level audience, this session aims to equip participants with valuable knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the foundational principles of each key aspect
  • Apply practical rules-of-thumb to address maintenance challenges
  • Evaluate and identify gaps in current work practices
  • Comprehend the interrelationships between different aspects of work management
  • Formulate actionable areas for further learning and improvement

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